Saturday, 4 April 2015

Are Politicians Using the Wrong Fuel?

The Wrong Fuel Makes Our Engines Die

A Car is only as good as its Fuel !

Historically, countries have been run on a simple framework. Using a coach and horse analogy, rich people ride in the coach, politicians drive it, and ordinary people are the horses. The horses are happy when they are fed and watered and made to feel grateful for just that. When the coach drivers don't know where they are going, then even the rich are lost.

When the horses feel that they "have a job and can feed their families" they work hard for the drivers, who are supposed to know where they are going. The horses don't need to think. They are merely driven.

The switch from coach and horses to the motor car enabled more drivers. More people have a political voice, are now
connected to the Internet, and want to think and have ideas. Sometimes drivers put unleaded fuel into a diesel car by mistake. The wrong fuel has to be drained from the tank, filters replaced, and the correct fuel used. Meanwhile, the car containing the wrong fuel is totally useless.

Even a Mercedes-Benz won't run on the wrong fuel, and the mother of parliaments won't run optimally on inappropriate thinking. Just as the fuel of the past needs upgrading, political thinking of the future needs "re-fuelling".

In the case of the UK, having spawned its version of democracy around the world, it is time to re-fuel. Whipping people into shape in order to harness their energy may no longer work, since the "horses" are now the drivers and are wanting to choose and are choosing their own directions.

People are starting to realise that a political thinking system designed for the past is not working so well for the future. People are realising that the new fuel of creative ideas are much more important than the old method of "winning by argument". Winning by argument soon leads to winning at any cost, and those who have the latest weapons will win. So there is still a powerful and dangerous philosophy in politics that those with the most deadly and efficient weapons will win. By win, in political terms read: create world dominance. 

People, the new drivers, are now beginning to realise that creativity, caring, being constructive, and contributing, are types of thinking that were conveniently overlooked during the industrial revolution when the race was on to become rich. It didn't matter about others. Being financially successful was the game.

Are we yet learning that the money game is the game that depletes the world's natural resources, creates pollution, impoverishes most nations who are indebted to the bankers, creates crime and wars (more money for bankers), and easily corrupts? Since all our politicians talk about is a "healthy economy" it seems obvious that money is still much more important to them, than people are.

It is the emphasis on money, which is only a tool, where we need the biggest changes, and where practically no political thinking is being done.

There are reasons why politicians are still terrified of change and new ideas. Some of the reasons are psychological, some are emotional, and some of the political reasons are to do with their education. Part of the problem of politics is that all a politician needs to do to win is to make promises. Politicians need the belief of the people. Politicians need to get people to believe that only they themselves have the solution to problems. How stupid is that?

If politicians were more astute, they would put thinking and creative thinking into education. It is self evident that most human problems are a direct result of a lack of better thinking. It is intrinsic in politicians that they trust themselves much more than they trust the people. Hence their reluctance to share better thinking, and their need to attempt to monopolise ideas. (Interesting that you never hear a politician giving credit to others for ideas!)

With better thinking, there will be far fewer prisons, and less need for expensive defense systems.

As more and more people are becoming creative and developing their own alternative ideas, it may not be far off when even the mother of parliaments decides to vote for the future. (It doesn' matter how a population votes. It matters that politicians develop thinking that is free from unnecessary threats, emotions, pressures, and false promises.) Politicians from all parties, and those outside the parties, need people with ideas. Politicians need to re-fuel with better thinking. Politicians need to drop the blame game, drop the money game, and get on with a new game. The new game could be called "Replace Arrogance With Better Thinking".

Improvement, thinking, and creative thinking can steer away from the obsessions with money, party politics and petty arguments. Petty arguments lead to stress and wars. Better thinking leads to creativity, respect, and human improvement.

When politics changes, the future will be a much better place!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Edward de Bono Training - Unlocking Potential is Unlocking the Power of Perception [POP]

Ten Reasons for
Learning POP

Edward de Bono Training

A fundamental and complete thinking toolbox.

Training gives new experience in powerful tools that aid perception. 

Edward de Bono Trainer
Experience increased value in one's own thinking results. 

Gain Powerful alternatives to just emotional reaction. 

Improve the direction and strength of individual and group focus. 

Know what to do at any moment.

Avoid negativity and impulsivity.

Turn general feelings and vague concepts into specific ideas and practical plans.

Realise the potential of what your own mind can achieve. 

Facilitate and generate a personal and permanent infrastructure for creativity.

Edward de Bono trainer Dennis with Du Pont international managers Shanghai

Monday, 28 April 2014

Training the brain to unlock its potential

How do we unlock more of our brain's potential?

Pause. Focus. Tool. Time.

As a de Bono Instructor since 1999, and having read all of his books since the early seventies, I would say that I have an inkling about how the brain works and how to utilise its potential. I am going to add to this blog in the next few days with some tips and suggestions, and possibly some new insights for you. Positive and constructive feedback is always appreciated.

Dennis Perrin will train you to think!
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Pausing is a simplification process making ready for a fresh beginning

Pausing is a thinking operation in itself. One does not necessarily need a specific reason to pause. You might have an expectation of a new idea that you will attempt to specify. You might want to pause to organise your thoughts. There may be many ideas crowding you on the periphery of your thought vision and you pause to choose what it is you want to think about. You may be pausing to decide which course of action is most important next. You can pause to simply be aware of the moment. Pausing is a step back from possible confusion. Pausing creates space for thinking. The pause is a decision to stop current action. The pause is preparation for the next step. The pause is creating time to think. The pause recognises confidence in the generation of new ideas. We pause to prepare our focus.


Since focus is the most important part of thinking, we often but not always need the pause in order to create the time to focus properly. 

The way the brain works as a continuity patterning system is extremely useful for getting things done and keeping things going as they have always been going in the past. Focus is for where we want to go now and in the future. This new focus may be a departure from the past or for a change in the way things are being done. Change alone is often viewed as too difficult to think about because: 

  • there is a feeling of powerlessness; 
  • how the brain works is not understood; 
  • there has been no thinking training; 
  • there is no understanding of the importance of thinking tools. 
Focus defines the topic or subject of our proposed thinking. A person's topic might be: How to develop good thinking skills. The focus may then proceed to: How to find a good de Bono Trainer or What should be my next course of action. This step by step, methodical, approach to thinking lies at the heart of the power of de Bono thinking. Take time to pause. Take time to focus. Create alternative definitions of the focus subject, then choose one focus. Then choose the appropriate thinking tool. Step by step.

Usually, the problems in thinking are confusion and rushing. Even someone who is not confused, who has a crystal clear objective, may have negative values at the heart of her clarity. Wars and battles are fought with crystal clear objectives, but human values have been subverted to the negative value of "winning at any cost". Tools are essential because "values" is one of them. Values don't actually exist in our thinking until we make them real through direct attention. Even though values are intrinsic in our objectives, they need thinking about separately, to make them clear. So, our values should also be spelt out clearly in our focus. If they are not spelt out, we will not be aware of them, and we may be going forward clearly but using old values that belong to the past.


A thinking tool is an operating concept that directs attention. As a car's steering wheel controls direction, so a thinking tool takes the mind where it wants to go. As the steering wheel makes constant adjustments along the way to the destination, so different tools are used for different types of thinking adjustments. For instance, being creative uses specific thinking tools, which can generate short cuts and new ideas; while evaluating priorities and choices uses another type of tool.
The tools are so simple that in training a common reaction is "we do that already in our normal thinking". This was the reaction from a group of Nobel Prize-winners invited to some training, after their initial invitation. Yet, after some training, some of them wrote forewords to Dr de Bono's then subsequent book on thinking.
Although thinking tools can supplement prayer, five minutes of thinking will be more powerful than 10 hours of prayer. Tools produce results while prayer produces hope. Thinking tools can supplement a philosophy or religion, enhancing greater efficiency of the practice and deeper understanding. The religion may become more tolerant; the philosophy more powerful. This is because thinking is the most fundamental process of brain activity.

Having a robust toolbox that is always with you provides that extra confidence of knowing that creativity is not just a talent for specially gifted people, but a skill that can be learned. In training, exercises develop this skill.

The significance of learning thinking tools is that practising them produces thinking skill.


Time is used in a very special way in de Bono Training. There are ways in de Bono Training that help to focus powerful use of the tool, by specifying time periods in advance. Try the link below for more information on thinking courses.

De Bono Trainer Dennis working with Du Pont representatives